Epson Puts The Emphasis on Colour

26 March 2019

It’s amazing to think that something as simple as ‘colour,’ is actually quite a complex topic. And though most of us take it for granted, the concept of colour and being able to accurately reproduce it is a multifaceted discipline that requires expert knowledge. So it was great to hear all about the topic from the experts at Epson at their recent ‘Concepts in Colour’ roadshow in Melbourne.

The three-day event featured a number of presentations about colour, colour management, the print process, and the latest advances in workflow technology as it relates to colour. Attendees where then able to ask questions and work through issues they were dealing with.  

The ‘Concepts in Colour’ tour is about helping our customers and other print professionals understand colour, how it is perceived, how to match colours and see what can be done and, harness its power for better results,” said and Romano Bacci, Business Manager, Professional Print Solutions, Epson Australia.  

“Our industry is all about colour and getting it right for the client, especially in this day and age where people are becoming very demanding about how colour is translated, corporate colours and branding and the emotional impact colour has with the intended audience.

“We are trying to share our expertise about colour, so our clients can make the most of their print systems, software and inks to improve their colour workflows in their business. By using them, and understanding how important it is, they can improve results they achieve for their clients, whilst becoming more efficient in matching and achieving accurate colour consistency and reducing waste.

Whilst the presentations where packed with interesting facts and insights, the follow up Q&A sessions helped to solve a number of real world issues the attendees where dealing with. 

To support the presentation, Epson also displayed a number of their market leading printers for the fine print, CAD, signage, display and garment printing industries. 

“We had some good interaction with customers,” said Roman. “It was a good opportunity to show industry professionals the power of colour, and how they can make the most of it from our RIP software and S-Series and F-Series printers.”

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